Chromastics Hair Color


Chromastics gives the colorist maximum creativity with minimum colors.

West Coast Distributor: Gyorgyi Foldesi

West Coast Distributor: Gyorgyi Foldesi


Gyorgyi Foldesi distributes all Chromastics products from California to Washington and beyond.

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Chromastics Permanent Hair Color 


Chromastics permanent color palette contains: 19 shades of permanent color

8 Neutral colors
4 Gold colors
3 Red-Orange colors 2 Red-Violet colors 2 Blue-Violet colors

1 High-Lift XL-Cream (Level 11) 1 High-Lift XL-Super (Level 12)


When Chromastics permanent colors (not high-lift) are mixed and applied to the hair, there is less than 1% ammonia in the mixture.

With these few colors a colorist can create an infinite variety of customized formulas for the client.

Chromastics Concentrates


This is 100% oxidative color as there are no direct dyes mixed in with Concentrates.

added to any brand of permanent or demi-permanent color that uses a developer or peroxide. They will enhance and create longer lasting color with all professional brands.

It can also be added to any level of hair color Referring to the “Concentrate Chart” will guide you to the amount to add to each level of color when you first start using Concentrates. Once you see the results, you can adjust the amount for each client. The guide keeps you in the “safe zone” when first staring out.

It can be used by themselves as Fashion Tones. They don’t always need to be added to color formulas. If you want electric red or bright green or intense blue just mix the concentrate with an equal amount of 10-volume developer and apply to either white or pre-lightened hair.

It can be intermixed with each other to create new concentrates. Intermixing red and blue creates violet concentrate. By adding “clear” you can create pastel shades.

Chromastics liquid shades



No Lift, No Ammonia, No MEA, Liquid Color

Chromastics Shades is the next step in the evolution of hair coloring.

It is a Deposit-Only hair color designed for toning, glazing, refreshing and corrective color. With the addition of XL-Cream to your formula it can be transformed into a base-breaker.

As with all chromastics color products, chromastics Shades contain hydrolyzed wheat and rice protein to leave hair feeling great. Since it has a lower pH and works with just 10-volume developer, it’s gentler than regular hair color.

Deposit-Only hair color 


16 shades of Deposit-Only colors + Clear
Created to be mixed with an equal amount of 10-volume developer.
Can be mixed with up to 20-volume developer for coarse and resistant hair.

1 Clear
4 Neutral colors
4 Gold colors
2 Red-Orange colors 1 Red-Violet color
3 Blue-Violet colors
2 Golden-Beige colors

Deposit-Only colors do NOT contain ammonia. Deposit-Only colors do NOT contain MEA (Ethanolamine)

5 Concentrates – Neutral, Gold, Green, Blue and Red Concentrates do NOT contain ammonia. Concentrates do NOT contain MEA (Ethanolamine)